About Us

EIA is a Texas nonprofit corporation qualified as a 501 (c)(3) public charity by the Internal Revenue Service. EIA delivers high-impact, pro bono consulting to other charitable organizations.

Executives in Action (EIA) builds community by strengthening nonprofits and supporting executives in transition.

EIA provides “service grants” to improve the productivity, efficiency, and impact of charitable organizations. These service grants are fulfilled by senior executive consultants who bring years of management experience to targeted projects in our partner nonprofits.

The EIA model delivers a two-fold impact for our community:

  • Strengthening nonprofit organizations and
  • Transforming the lives of highly skilled executives

EIA’s board has committed to covering 100% of the organization’s operating expenses, administration and overhead – so each donation dollar received, will go directly to provide “service grants” to our nonprofit partners.

We endorse and adopt the “Donor’s Bill of Rights” developed by the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel, the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. This document has also been endorsed by other organizations including the Independent Sector, the National Catholic Development Conference, the National Committee on Planned Giving, the National Council for Resource Development and the United Way of America , among others. EIA Donor’s Bill of Rights



Executives in Action builds community by strengthening other nonprofit organizations. To accomplish its mission, EIA engages experienced executive leaders from the business sector as probono consultants to charitable agencies that could not otherwise access such talent.


Typical projects may last from 30 to 90 days. For their service, executives may receive an honorarium for their efforts. The program is offered at no cost to our partner nonprofits. EIA currently partners with 210 nonprofit organizations.


Olivia, Nonprofit

“Roman was exactly what we needed to give our recruitment efforts a boost. He has been amazing!”

EIA Executive

“EIA represents an amazing journey and personal gift of encouragement and purpose to me. EIA’s powerful concept is to match caring, experienced executives that are in transition with deserving non-profits and take those organizations to the next level…quickly. I believe the biggest benefit is mainly for the executive. It really is better to give than to receive.”

Sarah, Nonprofit

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Executive who is working on our Financial project. He is amazing and is getting us in such great shape! Very grateful for your organization.”

EIA Executive

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this sort of thing. It brings tears to my eyes to be able to help people in need and know that I can make a big difference. EIA is truly a gift – both to the local community and to those executives who take its mission seriously. I’m proud to be associated with you.”

Christina, Nonprofit

“I’m pleased to share with you the good work two of your executives have done for us. One executive create our new Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 and it has been approved by our board of directors. This is exciting for us as this plan includes our new vision and mission statement, as well as core values. You can only imagine the work we are now able to embark upon because of this one project. And then, the other executive is currently working on our Human Resources project – he is a work horse and I am so pleased with his work.”

Olivia, Nonprofit

“We adore him! We’re already saddened at the thought of ever losing him. He is exactly the right person for the right project at the right time. You have done us a GREAT favor by sending Roman our way, and we will be forever grateful. His attention to this project is incredible. He has tackled it as if it were his full time job.  The seriousness with which he is addressing all the facets of our operation is something to behold. I can’t begin to thank you for the opportunity of having him address our specific needs at this point in time.”

EIA Executive 

“Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful organization. It has been a true privilege, and I hope to be able to work with you in some capacity in the future.”

Gae, Nonprofit

“Just wanted to drop a quick note to say – Wendy is wonderful to work with!!  She and I are making great progress on the project and it’s like she can read my mind! (smile)  I anticipate that we will hit all project goals and deadlines, and I couldn’t have done it without Wendy. Again, it is wonderful to work with your clients, as they bring a level of professionalism and competency to these projects that is greatly and sincerely appreciated. I will, of course, send a formal written review after the project ends, but I just had to let you know today.”

 Jan, Nonprofit

“ROB is our HERO!  This  NEVER would have all happened without him.    Anyway WE are so grateful for our partnership.”

EIA Board Members

EIA maintains a board that guide its work, provide oversight of its activities, and ensure its effective use of the community’s funds.


Ashlee Kleinert

Chris Kleinert


Advisory Board

Debra Bradley

Rob Bertino

Jay McAuley

Dale Petroskey

Chuck Thoele

Tim Weil, Treasurer


Bank of America
Capital One
Capstone Partners
Duff & Phelps
Equity Risk Partners
Hunt Consolidated, Inc.
MSI Capital Corporation
Real News PR
Scheef & Stone
Weil, Gotshal & Manges, LLC
Communities Foundation of Texas
The Dallas Foundation
Embrey Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation
Hirsch Family Foundation
Zale Foundation
In-Kind Donations
Central Market (Preston/Royal)
Southwest Airlines
Anonymous Mr. Michael Gorton Ms. Deborah Nugent
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Ackman Mr. Robert Graham Ms. Robin Olson
Mr. Girma Admasse Mr. Jeremy Gregg Mr. Glenn Orcutt
Mr. John J. Altschuler Mr. John Grimes Mr. Steve Palma
Ms. Robin Bagwell Mr. Carl Gustafson Mr. Mark Pape
Mr. Mark Bauer Mr. Mark Haerr Ms. Katie Pedigo
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Baxter Ms. Vanita Halliburton Mr. Dale Petroskey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Beck Ms. JoAnn Hawthorn Ms. Connie Petticrew
Ms. Linda Beheler Ms. Doris Jean Head Mr. J. Scott Petty
Mr. Robert Bertino Ms. Liz Healy Ms. Jean Phillips
Mr. John Bickel Mr. Todd Healy Mr. Christophe Pla
Mr. Charles Bimmerle Mr. Robert Holian Ms. Grace Platon
Mr. Russell Birk Mr. Brian Holloway Mr. Donald Powell
Mr. Stephen Bloodworth Ms. Kristen Howell Mr. Douglas Powell
Mr. Bill Blythe Ms. Amanda Human Mr. Keith Price
Mr. Steven Bolos Mr. Bill Hunt Ms. Diane Prier
Ms. Debra Bradley Ms. Nancy Ann Hunt Ms. Denise Quintanilla
Mr. William Bradley Mr. Ray Hunt Mr. Brian Ratner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brower III Mr. Mark Ingold Mr. John Reas
Mr. Tripp Brower III Mr. Allan Jackson Ms. Bernadette Rego
Ms. Cheryl Brown Ms. Bianca Jackson Ms. Michelle Rider
Ms. Amy Byalick Ms. Pamela Jamieson Ms. Nancy Roe
Mr. Jorge Calderon Mr. Regina Jernigan Ms. Carol Roehrig
Ms. Deborah Castorina Mr. Elliot Jolesch Ms. Benaye Rogers
Ms. Joan Chalkley Mr. Brian Jolly Mr. and Mrs. Beaude Sahm
Mr. Jim Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Fehmi Karahan Mr. Arun Santhebennur
Mr. Jeff Chick Mr. Mohammed Azan Khan Mr. Kenneth Schaeffer
Ms. Mary Christopher Ms. Julie Killingsworth Mr. John Scheef
Ms. Renee Clark Ms. Sharon King Ms. Sandra Session-Robertson
Ms. Tawana Clark Mr. Terry Klein Mr. Martin Shireal
Mr. Jay Cole Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kleinert Mr. Brian Shultz
Mr. Todd Cole Ms. Sandra Knight Mr. Stephen Smiley
Mr. Ned Conner Ms. Jane Kosarek Ms. Shannon Smock
Ms. Ellen Cowgill Mr. James Krakowski Ms. Nevine Soliman
Ms. Catherine Cox Mr. Rick Lacher Ms. Heidi Soloman
Mr. Jeff Crilley Ms. Stephanie Lathouras Mr. and Mrs. Roger Staubach
Ms. Genevieve Daftary Mr. Nguyen Le Mr. Ken Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Daniel Mr. Jon Lezon Mr. Edward Stone
Mr. Thomas Davies Ms. Gwender Lias-Baskett Mr. David Stott
Ms. Kimberly Davis Ms. Shirley Lindsay Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sutcliffe
Mr. Tyler Dawson Mr. Oscar Lopez Mr. Jeff Swan
Mr. David Dearing Mr. and Mrs. Rich Madzel Ms. Madison Swicegood
Mr. Jerome T. Dilettuso Mr. Michael Marcon Ms. Denise Taylor
Ms. Cheri Dolan Ms. Dawn Masterson Mr. Dale Teeters
Mr. Tracy Donihoo Mr. David Matthews Mr. David Timothy
Mr. Richard Doyle Ms. Laurie Matthews Mr. Kevin Thibodeau
Mr. Keith Dunavant Mr. Richard Maul Mr. Rex Thompson
Ms. Alicia Duran Mr. James Mayo Ms. Tamara Trummer
Ms. Stephanie Dye Mr. Jay McAuley Mr. Jay Vandenbree
Mr. Keith Elliott Mr. Michael McCurdy Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vandersleen
Mr. George Ellis Ms. Paige McDaniel Mr. Richard Vandervoet
Mr. Ralph Elwell Mr. Andrew McDermott Ms. Joyce Vernon
Mr. Andrew Everett Ms. Clarissa McIntyre Mr. Bill Wachel
Mr. Brady Farrell Mr. Michael McIntyre Ms. Jane Walker
Mr. Scott Feille Mr. Charles McTighe Ms. Laura Wall
Mr. Charles Fichtner Mr. Dennis McTighe Mr. Glenn Wallace
Mr. Terry Flowers Mr. Tom McTighe Mr. James Ward
Ms. Rosemary Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Tom Meurer Mr. Randall Waynick
Ms. Cindy Fuentes Ms. Gale Moericke Mr. Tim Weil
Ms. Alicia Gardner Mr. Robert Morrison Mr. John Whiting
Ms. Amy Garr Ms. Susan Morrow Ms. Melissa Womack
Ms. Laurie Garvie Ms. Anne Motsenbocker Mr. Dan Woodward
Ms. Diane Geiser Mr. Steve Mullen Mr. Robert Wright
Ms. Ida Gephart Ms. Elizabeth Murray Mr. Michael Wyatt
Mr. Michael Gick Ms. Hilanne Myers Mr. Michael Youngkin
Ms. Anna Gilmore Mr. Bob Myerson Mr. Juan Carlos Zirion
Mr. H. William Gordon Mr. Lennard Nadalo
Ms. Patricia Nobles


Seeing opportunity where others saw only crisis, Ashlee and Chris Kleinert collaborated with the Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT) and the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM)in late 2008.  After blending ideas and professional contacts, they launched EIA in January 2009 as a partnership between EFNT and CNM.  Already having connections with many talented senior executives, EIA sent a single e-mail to 400 nonprofits.  Over 100 organizations applied for projects within a 48-hour period, confirming the remarkable demand in the marketplace for such a program.

Executives in Action (HD)


Organization builds community by strengthening nonprofits [HD] from DFW Reporting on Vimeo.